Using Granite Countertops to Improve Home Value

granite countertops

Why Installing Granite Countertops Makes Sense

All over the country granite countertops are being installed in kitchens, baths and patios at a rapid pace due not only to its intrinsic and aesthetic value but also for its versatility and durability. But what is it about having granite countertops that has everyone wanting to have them? Are they really all that? To help one decide if granite countertops are right choice, be sure to understand the pros and cons of granite countertops.

The Hard Facts about Granite Countertops

granite countertop facts

Granite is truly one of the most beautiful countertop choices available for one’s home. But before spending hard earned money on granite consider the following:

  • Granite countertops come in over 3,000 colors each one with its own unique pattern and movement, and can be given custom edges and finishes.
  • Granite countertops, when properly sealed and maintained, are virtually scratch, stain and chip resistant.
  • Granite countertops are great for making cookies, candies, bread dough and other foods that are best prepared on a cool surface.
  • Granite is heat resistant. If one forgets to grab a heat pad for that pan of lasagna, it won’t matter if it is set it on the granite countertop.
  • The only surface that is harder than granite is a diamond.
  • Granite countertops add a minimum of 10% to the re-sale value to your home.

The Disadvantages of Granite Countertops

Of course, like anything else, there are some disadvantages to having granite countertops installed. They are:

  • Cost-granite is expensive due to the labor for its removal from the quarry, the work involved in cutting it and the work necessary for installation.
  • Granite will dull knives if used as a chopping block, just purchase a good cutting board and save on wear and tear.
  • Granite countertops should be installed by a qualified professional—it is not a DIY project.
  • Granite countertops need to have the sealant re-applied a least once a year to prevent staining or fading.

Quick Tips for Selecting Granite Countertops

selecting granite countertops

Once the decision is made to have granite countertops installed, there are several steps to take in the selection of the type and color of granite countertops.

  • Go to a granite warehouse or show room with a wide selection of granite slabs.
  • Bring along items from the room the granite countertops will be used in—cabinet door, floor sample, fabric swatch, wall cover, etc..
  • Ask to see several slabs of whatever color is chosen to be sure it will work with the room.

By taking the time to select countertops that at are perfect for the living environment, one can ensure that the end result is pleasing to all who enter. Yes the choices are many, but deciding the perfect granite countertops cna be the difference between “just a room” and a beautiful showpiece.

Even with the disadvantages, granite countertops are making strides in kitchen, bath and patios. They are a beautiful way to add style, personality and re-sale value to the home. So, take the time required to select the granite countertops , choose a contractor that is reputble and can be counted on to do a proper installation and get ready to enjoy beautiful, longlasting grantite countertops.