Alternatives of Wood Burning Fireplace


In the fall and winter, everybody loves to enjoy the warmth and relaxing atmosphere in front of the wood-burning fireplace in houses. And we all know that it is perfect for every house to have a romantic feeling wood-burning fireplace. Although they are very charming and increase the luxury of a home, it is sad to know that they are also quite dangerous for your lungs and very expensive as well.

Heating your home with the traditional wood burning fireplace can produce the cozy effect, but at the same time, it creates air pollution that can damage the environment and cause health issues.

Hence, using an alternative heating device is more efficient and safer for the house than any old wood –burning heating appliances.

Here are three best choices that keep the spark going and but at a better rate for your health and wallet.

Direct-Vent Gas Insert Fireplace

These fireplaces are the most cost efficient and reliable models. The system is installed in your existing fireplace area with a hearth and vented to the peak of the smokestack; it lets the pure, clean air coming in the chimney from outside and exhausting the gas of burning outside. Replacing of wood to the gas is also helps to protect your home environment.

The gas insert will burn either liquid propane from a tank that can be sapped or piped-in natural gas. Note that the inserts will draw in air to aid burning the fuel and channel any resulting smoke outside via chimney or a vent.

Electric Fireplace Insert

These are just the improved form of an electric heater installed in a fireplace. A power source is required to make the mantel burn. It is a combination of heater and well-designed room section. It uses electricity as fuel and therefore, if you install it, be ready to pay a bigger electricity bill.

Before you use the electric fireplace insert each season, clean out the dust that collected inside the fireplace and on its screen (if it has one). Always remember to unplug it from the main powr source before cleaning.

Alcohol Gel Fireplace with Faux Log Insert

Ventless Gel Fireplace provide the warmth and cozy atmosphere without a mess of traditional fireplace. No venting, the chimney is required to enjoy your fire. You just have to put some logs in existing hearth and burn the alcohol gel. The best thing about it is that it emits heat with a very minute amount of carbon dioxide.

Note that the choice of the alternative fireplace will depend on how much money you are willing to invest in household heating. Some of these alternatives are expensive as compare to the wood fireplace.

Besides, they are associated with other dangers. For example, if there is a gas leakage, it can result in fire disaster and loss of property. The wood fireplaces rarely cause fires at homes. Therefore, as much as various people praise other alternatives to the wood fireplace, you must weigh various options and pick one that fits your home best.